Christian’s Burden

I once had a dream, and in this dream I saw a man walking through the wilderness. He was covered with rags. On his back was a large burden. The burden was so large, and heavy, that it seemed to pull him to the ground. The thing that was most amazing about this burden is that … Continue reading Christian’s Burden



We all face challenges in life. What makes all the difference is how we respond to those challenges. My Mom has a motto/saying, "Attitudes, the difference between an ordeal and an adventure". This is very true, if we tell ourselves that we cannot do this challenge, chances are that we will fail. Satan throws plenty of challenges our … Continue reading Challenges

Just Teasing

Jack decided to prank his neighbour who was out of town. So he called him up and... Of course his neighbour was shocked, surprised, and more than a little sad. So Jack finally told him that he was just teasing. A few minutes later... Remember, a joke is not always funny on both sides!