John Wycliffe pt. 1

Just before the sun comes up to chase away the dark of night, a bright star often shines in the east. The Morning star as it is called is a promise of the light that will soon follow. John Wycliffe is known as the Morning Star of the Reformation. Although he didn't start the Reformation, … Continue reading John Wycliffe pt. 1


The Crusades

The Crusades where a big deal in the Medieval times. Peasants, knights, and even kings sold all they had in order to go and battle in the Middle East. So what caused these people to go and give their lives? Well, for starters this was a Holy War, called by Pope Urban II on the … Continue reading The Crusades

The 5 Solas

The 5 Solas were the mottos of the Protestant reformation. These were telling the basis of all that was needed for salvation. We don't need to buy indulgences or do penance as was the custom of that time. Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) Belief in God's Word to us, the Bible, is the only sure foundation … Continue reading The 5 Solas