The Wicket Gate

WicketGateIMG_7207.jpgWhat’s happening?:  Christian has left the city of Destruction, fallen into the Slough of Despond, and been led astray by Worldly Wiseman. Finally he has found his way to the Wicket Gate and knocked…

“Sir why was I yanked inside so rudely?” Christian asked the man who had pulled him in, whose name was Good Will.

“Open the gate a crack and peek out”, responded he.

Christian was very curious, so he did as he was told. Upon opening the gate, he realized that there was several arrows sunk deep into the gate, right where he had just stood! The arrows were still smoking  as well. “Sir,” he asked the Gate Keeper, “What is the meaning of these arrows?”

“The arrows,” Good Will replied, “were shot from the yonder dark castle. As you can see, the castle is well within bowshot of here, and was designed that way by the Lord of that place. The Lord’s name is Beelzebub, and he is the king of Destruction and all the land around here. His plan is to shoot down pilgrim’s, like you, who are trying to enter the path of life”

“Then I am fortunate that you came and answered as quickly as you did.” Christian spoke, “For I might have become one of his victims if you had not been there.”

“We are always ready,” responded Good Will, “for the pilgrims who come through our gate. Who knows? We might be entertaining angels!”

Christian was given a scroll that was bound with a seal. This scroll was his ticket to the Celestial City. He could not get another one anywhere except for the Wicket Gate. If he lost it, he would have to hike all the way back to the Gate.

Now there was a lovely garden in the place, and Christian was ushered into it. He was given permission to eat freely of the delicious looking fruits on the trees, and to generally refresh himself.

Just as he was getting ready to leave, he asked Good Will if he (Good Will) could cut off his burden.

“I am very sorry,” answered Good Will, “but I cannot help you. However, if you continue on in this way, you will come too the hill called Calvary. On this hill you will find relief from your burden of guilt.”

“When will I reach this Calvary?” Questioned Christian.

“Oh,” spoke Good Will, “sooner than you wish, but longer than you hope!”

Then Good Will showed him the path that led to the next stop, the Interpreters House. Now this path was called Salvation, and although it was very narrow, it was very straight, so straight in fact that no one could get lost it unless they turned to one side or the other.

As Christian set off, it began to get dark. Soon he came across a large, lit up, house. Remembering that Good Will had told him about the “House of the Interpreter” he decided to stop there for the night.

Upon entering, the Interpreter, an elderly man of great wisdom, told him that he must work for his room and board. He was given a broom and let into a room that was thick with dust. The familiar features were hardly recognizable, so covered were they with dust, that it seemed a good idea to use a shovel. However, Christian grimly set to work with his broom.





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