Escaping the Slough

What’s happening?: Christian has left his home and family in Destruction. After Pliable and Obstinate tried to turn him back he fell into the Slough of Despond with Pliable and is sinking fast.

Desperately Christian groped and did his best to pull himself to the shore closest to the light. However he was not able to do it because of the heavy burden of guilt on his back. Finally in desperation he cried out for help. “Help, I need Help!” he cried.

In a minute a man wearing white came along. “What are you doing in there?” he asked.

“Oh my good sir,” began Christian, “I fell in here on my way to the Wicket Gate, where I will be relieved of this heavy burden on my back.”

“Why didn’t you use the steps?” questioned the man.

“Are there truly steps?” answered Christian, “I had no idea!  Evangelist told me the way to go.  I was thinking more of the dangers behind in Destruction, than the trials before!”

“Yes there are steps,” responded the man, “and you would have found them if you had kept your eyes on the light. Now, do you want to get out?”

“Oh yes! I am eager to get out of this mire, which through my own lack of watchfulness, I have fallen into.” replied Christian.

So with that, the man took hold of Christian and hauled him up. Now the mud had taken hold of Christian and was not eager to give him up! So with many groans and creaks Christian was finally free.

“And what is your name good sir?” inquired Christian, “Why did you come by just then?”

WorldlyWisemanIMG_7206.jpg“My name is Help,”  he responded, “and I came by at your very call.”

“Why, you are just the man I called for! I have a question.” asked Christian, “Why hasn’t the King of the Celestial City filled in this Slough of Despond?”

“The King has hired many men throughout the ages to fill in the evil Slough of Despond. However many men have brought to the work, sticks, stubble, and straw. These things have made the Slough get only worse. So that is why the slough is still here.” Help answered.

“Thanks for the information! I wish to be traveling now. Goodbye!”

So with that, Christian continued on his way. Now as he was still not far from the Slough of Despond when a man came out of the town of Worldly Policy. Now this man’s name was Worldly Wiseman. He was there to discourage Pilgrims and send them off to places far from the Celestial City.




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