The Slough of Despond

What’s happening?:  Christian starts to flee from the city of Destruction. After Evangelist told him which way to go, he starts running. Without regards to family and friends…

So Christian, stopping his ears, fled on crying, “Light, light!”

Two of Christians neighbours decided to follow after him, and turn him back by one way or the other. Their names were Obstinate and Pliable.

“Shall we ask him to come home to his wife and children?” queried Pliable, in a squeaky voice.

“Oh yes!” boomed Obstinate.

So, racing after Christian, they tried to catch up.  Now, this was a hard thing, for Christian had gotten a headstart on them. “Slow up, slow up!” they cried.

Finally, they caught up with Christian, and persuaded him to stop to talk with them. “What are you here for,” asked Christian, “Do you wish to come on pilgrimage too?”

“Oh no!” said Obstinate, “We are here to turn you back and bring you home to your wife and children!”

“I can assure you that I will not turn back.” replied Christian,  “Your task is fruitless!”

“But why leave your home to go on such a dangerous pilgrimage?” responded Pliable. “Things are so easy and comfortable here in Destruction.”

“Exactly!” retorted Christian, “And this ease, which you speak of, leads to death!”

“Oh well,” continued Obstinate, “If you will not return with us, we will return without you. Coming Pliable?”

“If what this good man says is true,” replied Pliable, “I want to go with him!”

“You too!” objected Obstinate, “How many fools are there in this town!”

“Will you come too, good Obstinate?” pleaded Christian.

“I am not that foolish!” replied Obstinate, “I am leaving!”

“Ok Christian,” said Pliable, “tell me more about this place where we are going!”

“Alright,” answered Christian, “for one thing, this city’s streets are paved with gold.”

“Oh goody!” said surprised Pliable, “Tell me more.”

“Well,” said Christian, “We will each receive a crown of gold when we get there.”

“This sounds fabulous!” replied Pliable, “Let us hurry so that we may get there before dark!”

“I cannot run,” replied Christian, “for I have this heavy burden on my back!”

“Really?” noted Pliable, “How odd. I see no burden! When did you get this burden?”

“I got it after I read this little black book. Would you like to read it?”

“Oh no!” said Pliable, “I prefer to journey without this burden!”

Now as they were walking and talking, they had let their eyes off the light. And so without watching their feet they fell into the Slough of Despond where they struggled in the mire and muck.

“What did you get us into now?” questioned Pliable, “I did not expect such trials at the SloughofDespondIMG_7346.jpgstart. If there are such trials at the start, what can we expect later on!”

So Pliable fought his way to the side and retreated. Leaving Christian to grope in the muck of Despond, amid the water snakes and bullfrogs. Christian’s burden was heavy enough to pull himself over backwards and drown him in the slimy green mire.





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