Christian’s Burden

I once had a dream, and in this dream I saw a man walking through the wilderness. He was covered with rags. On his back was a large burden. The burden was so large, and heavy, that it seemed to pull him to the ground. The thing that was most amazing about this burden is that it appeared to be invisible to his friends, family, and neighbors. In his hand he held a little black book. As he walked he read, and he had a most tortured look on his face. Out of his lips escaped a most tortured groan.

ChristianIMG_7341He wept and trembled, and I heard him say, “What must I do to be saved!” But no one answered him. So he turned, and weeping, headed to his dirty and broken down home. Looking up and down the street I saw many small, dirty, and bedraggled cottages.

Inside his home his wife and four children were waiting for him.  His wife asked him, “Why are you so downhearted?”

He said to them, “My wife and children, my heart is troubled because of this great burden on my back, which I fear will drag me down to the grave!”

“I see no burden Daddy.” said his son, Samuel.

“Even though you see it not, it is there.” Christian replied.

Now his wife and sons feared that he was mad. So after supper they sent him off to bed in the hopes that he would be cured in the morning. But the night offered no rest for him, and he tossed, turned, and moaned all night.

In the morning they asked him how he was. He replied, in an anguished tone of voice, “Worse, much worse!”  So they began to mock him, and call him names in the hope that by mistreating him, he would come to his sanity.

So he left the house, after eating breakfast, and wandered along the cliffs, reading his book.  I peeked inside his book and read that the city of Destruction, where he lived, was to be destroyed by fire from heaven.

“What hope is there for this town,” he spoke in agony, “And how can any escape from the wrath to come?”

“Would you truly escape?” questioned a man named Evangelist.

“Oh yes!” said Christian. “But, oh sir, I know not the way!”

“I will give you instructions, if you want them” said Evangelist.

“Oh sir, show me please!” pleaded Christian.

“Do you see the far off gate?” queried Evangelist .

“No sir” answered Christian.

“Then do you see the bright light?” continued Evangelist.

“I think so, yes, I see it!” replied Christian.

“Then follow the light, and it will lead you to the wicket (small) gate.”

“Alright, I will do it!” said Christian. “Thank you Evangelist!”

And with that Christian set out at a run. His neighbours saw it, and told his wife, and children. They came out to see him running, as fast as his burdened body would allow, toward the light.

“Husband! Get back here!” cried Christiana. “You can’t leave!”

“Father come back here!” pleaded Mathew, who feared that Christian’s mind had at last snapped.

(Find out soon what happens to Christian!)


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