The Wicket Gate

What's happening?:  Christian has left the city of Destruction, fallen into the Slough of Despond, and been led astray by Worldly Wiseman. Finally he has found his way to the Wicket Gate and knocked... "Sir why was I yanked inside so rudely?" Christian asked the man who had pulled him in, whose name was Good … Continue reading The Wicket Gate


Mount Sinai

What's happening: Christian has fallen into the Slough of Despond with Pliable. After Pliable has gotten out and gone home, leaving Christian to wallow in the filth by himself, he was pulled out by a man named Help. Soon after Christian has continued on his way, he meets a man named Worldly Wiseman... "Ahoy there! What … Continue reading Mount Sinai

Escaping the Slough

What's happening?: Christian has left his home and family in Destruction. After Pliable and Obstinate tried to turn him back he fell into the Slough of Despond with Pliable and is sinking fast. Desperately Christian groped and did his best to pull himself to the shore closest to the light. However he was not able … Continue reading Escaping the Slough


The Slough of Despond

What's happening?:  Christian starts to flee from the city of Destruction. After Evangelist told him which way to go, he starts running. Without regards to family and friends... So Christian, stopping his ears, fled on crying, "Light, light!" Two of Christians neighbours decided to follow after him, and turn him back by one way or … Continue reading The Slough of Despond


Christian’s Burden

I once had a dream, and in this dream I saw a man walking through the wilderness. He was covered with rags. On his back was a large burden. The burden was so large, and heavy, that it seemed to pull him to the ground. The thing that was most amazing about this burden is that … Continue reading Christian’s Burden


Announcing Pilgrim’s Progress

Hello! I have been working on Pilgrim's Progress for my blog for sometime now. I have not been copying any one version but have been typing my own. I am happy to announce that we will be posting a chapter once a week. If there is something that you remember from Pilgrim's Progress that I … Continue reading Announcing Pilgrim’s Progress