The Field

Farmer Joe was digging his field when he hit something hard.image-2

What he dug up was a box. A mysterious box.image-3

Opening it, he found that it contained treasure. image-4

However there was a problem, he did not own the land. He was only renting. Since he could not keep it, (it was not his) he reburied the treasure box. image-5

Then farmer Joe went inside his house, and took all he had and sold it in one big auction!image-6

He took all the money and went and bought the field. It was now his!image-7

Joe took the treasure and used it to buy crops and all the stuff he had sold off. There was still plenty more money!image-8

Friends, there is a treasure worth all that we have. To find out what this great treasure is, read Matthew 13:44.


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