Jake’s Claim

Miner IMG_7308During the Gold Rush day’s of the 1800’s, many people left their homes and families to go dig for this priceless material. One man, we’ll call him Jake, left his home and family in the East, and headed West. Upon reaching the last little settlement, beyond was the open desert, he bought mining tools and supplies. Then he left the town and went to stake his claim.

Finding a spot he thought would work, he stopped and camped for the night. Next morning he went to work digging. After several weeks of digging, he had a good-sized tunnel.

Each day it was the same old chores of digging, resting, eating, and sleeping. Occasionally he went into the settlement for more food and supplies. But soon his money started to run out. At night he would lie awake at the end of his tunnel and listen to coyotes howl. One night he grew discouraged. “Why am I lying out here?” he questioned himself, “I have not found what I have been looking for and I doubt I will ever find it”. The next morning he stood up and walked off, leaving all of his tools behind him. He took the nearest train east and never came back.

Slowly over the years the shaft filled back up with rocks and sand. The desert animals Drill IMG_7312found protection in its cool confines. Then one day a large company bought the claim off Jake’s relatives. They came and cleared the trash out of the tunnel. They used large drills and started digging at the rock where Jake left off. A few minutes later the cry, “Gold, we have found gold!”, came out of the tunnel. They had struck a rich vein of gold inches off of where Jake had stopped.

Little did Jake realise, as he lay in that tunnel, night after night, that just inches from his head, was a treasure greater than he had ever dreamed!

Gold IMG_7313Sometimes we are like Jake. We try to find God’s treasure with our own resources. We think that we will find His gold overnight. When we find that it will take longer than expected, we give up. We need to ask God for help in finding his treasure.


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