Treasure Hunters


Have you ever wished you could find a treasure map, and follow it to the most amazing treasure that you have ever seen? Pirates, kings, and robbers all are commonly thought of hiding their treasure. If you were a King, where would you hide your treasure? Maybe in a cave, or buried in a hole? Wouldn’t it be awesome to find a map and follow it to the treasure!

As a matter of fact, a King has hid his treasure, and made a map for us to follow. His name is Jesus, and His treasure is one that cannot be beat! The treasure that we will receive if we follow Him, is eternal life with Him in heaven. What sort of treasure can beat that!

One of the interesting things is that He wants to help us find the treasure. He made a detailed map for us to follow called the Bible. Treasure MapIMG_7260.jpgHe wants to show us the way to the treasure and will even become our guide if we ask Him. We cannot find our way to this treasure on our own, we need the mapmaker to guide us.

There are many trials along the way, because Satan will do his best to keep us from finding the treasure. We might lose some of our friends along the way, and have to give up some of our dearest earthly treasures (which are nothing compared to His treasure). But if we will surrender all, and ask Jesus to be our guide, we will find His treasure.

Many people have found their way (with Jesus’ help) to this fabulous treasure. although some of them have died, they will receive their reward when Jesus comes again.

So ask God for help as you take a lifelong journey to find this treasure. Along the way tell others of this treasure and teach them to follow your Guide. Study your map for without it you cannot find God’s treasure.



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