Set on a Hill

set-on-a-hillSometimes signals were made with fire. With these signals, messages were conveyed over long distances. You could tell friends in other places where the enemy is and where he is going. Sometimes you could give the enemy false information.

Matthew 5:14 says that “Ye are the light of the world, a city which is set on a hill cannot be hidden”. So if we are the light of the world, what sort of message do we want to convey?

The majority of what we do each day is our light, our influence. What is most important to us, is what we will spend the most of our time on. So is your “light” your tablet, or your computer? Or is it your Bible, and living for Christ and his kingdom?…

Mathew 5:15 says that “Men do not light a candle, and then put it under a bucket, but on a candlestick; and it gives light to the whole house”. What happens if we put a candle under a bucket? The light will go out!

If you cover up your influence, because you are scared of what people will think, (or some other reason) you will find that your influence for God, and your relationship with him, will slowly die away.

So use your influence for good, tell others what the Lord has done for you. And if you do this you will find that your relationship, and time with Him will soar.


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