Watch The Gates

gatesIn the medieval times, cities had gates in the walls surrounding the city. That way people could come in and out but the guards could let in only those whom were found to be friends. In time of war the gates were closely watched to see that no traitor went out and no spy went in. The Kings and nobles who lived in these cities and castles were well protected by the guards and soldiers.

1 Corinthians 3:16 says that our bodies are the temples of God  and His spirit lives in us. If God is on the throne of our life, we need to guard Him. If we invite Him, He will sit on the seat of our intelligence, our mind.(Biblically known as our heart)

If so then what are our gates? Where do we let in information? With our 5 senses we let in information to our mind. Our brain processes and stores this information. We see things and the information goes to our Occipital lobe. Things we hear get processed and stored by our Temporal lobe. (basically our “temple”) Touch is processed by our Parietal lobe. With our Frontal lobe we can process this information.

But what are the spies? Satan has many temptations to trick us and most (if not all) involve our senses. With television we see things. Most movies and shows change the picture every three seconds. At that rate our frontal lobe shuts down and lets the information in without processing it. The gate is left open! Music too has almost the same effect on our bodies. (not that all music is bad)

Hebrews 5:14 says “those who, by reason of use, have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil”. We need to be discerning (having or showing good judgement). But how do you tell? Matthew 7:20 says that “by there fruits we shall know them”. What is the main theme that most movies portray today? Rebellion, strife, and following your heart, seem to be their themes. In the large majority of music these days, lewdness and rebellion and death, are the main theme. So be on guard! Don’t let the slightest temptation slip by unnoticed. Watch those gates!


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