The Hike

One day Zach decided to shoulder his backpack and hike Waterfall Trail. It would take him all day and one night and all next day. Followed by his trusty kitten he hiked to the waterfall. image-1

Then he set up his tent and said a prayer before slipping into his sleeping bag and going to sleep.image-2image-3

The next day he woke up early and set out. Unfortunately he took a wrong fork…image-4

All to soon he realised his mistake! Before he opened his map, he asked God for help. image-5

Then he took out his compass and thought for a minute. image-6

When he got back to the ranger station…image-7

He knelt down and said a prayer of thanks!image-8

Remember folks, nothing is too hard for God, just ask!


One thought on “The Hike

  1. Interesting website. If you have a young kitten they are not able to find their way home like an adult cat. When I was a young teen my sister and I walked back to our swamp which was about 8 fields back and our kitten followed us. When we went to go back home our kitten was no where to be found and we called and called and it was dark. So we went home thinking it would find it back, but dad said it was too young, so with heavy hearts we went back to the swamp and called and called and prayed and low and behold we saw its shadow coming along the fence and we all went home once more. God kept him safe and he hearkened to our voice calling him. FW


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