The Armor of God

What do we need the armor of God for and what is it? belt-of-truth-1

First and foremost the belt of truth. Most of the other pieces of armor will attach to the belt. The belt will hold the garments together so that it won’t hamper his movements. Truth will keep us from giving into the world’s false beliefs. We need to compare our beliefs to the truth of Gods word. helmet-of-salvation

The helmet of salvation protects our mind which is the seat of our will and intelligence. Our mind is important. You probably know that! All our important decisions are made here. To put on the helmet of salvation, we need to trust that God died for us and that we are covered with His salvation.sword-of-the-spirit

The sword of the spirit can be used both for attack and defense. The sword is God’s word, the Bible. Jesus used the sword plenty when he was tempted. He answered all of his temptations with IT IS WRITTEN! The Christian can hack his way through any circumstances with this sword. The sword will get more sharp with use. So use it!shield-of-faith

The shield of faith covers the body. With faith we can break any of Satan’s fiery temptations. Faith is trusting that God’s promises are sure and that He will keep them. When we have faith in God, it protects us from doubt. breastplate-of-rightiousness

The breastplate of righteousness covers our innards and vital organs. It preserves our heart and vital organs of spiritual life. Righteousness means being like Jesus. It is copying His character. Thankfully we do not have to do this on our own! If we use His record of perfection, (which is given to us for free) we will be

If our feet are prepared with the gospel of peace, we will be able to move over very rough ground. The gospel, lodged securely in our heart, will prepare us to stand firm, instead of fleeing. When we are facing relentless foes, just knowing Christ brings peace.

To find out more about the armor of God, use your Sword! Look up Ephesians 6:10-17.


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